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Tim Dini

Tim Dini

Tim Dini  President, Founder, Head Chef

After more than 30 years of sales, marketing and advertising in the home improvement industry, Tim has embraced his passion for online marketing, and shares his expertise in creating SpreadCast Inc. Interactive Social Marketing.

What that really means is Tim got tired of working in a single industry, and is much happier regularly diving into new businesses like yours. Tim’s passion for gaining new knowledge and experiences has him overflowing with information that he gladly shares with others. By bringing together old school advertising techniques & modern digital marketing methods, Tim is in his element when he finds opportunities to help businesses take advantage of the new interactive social marketing tools.

Tim’s never ending drive carried him through multiple sales & marketing competencies in the automotive, electronics, foods, and home improvement industries where he developed his uniquely creative marketing style. His dynamic personality is engaging and contagious, and his leadership skills are obvious to everyone who meets him (that means he’s a little bossy sometimes).

[box style="rounded"]Tim enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, hosting party’s, playing bocce ball, cooking, discovering good wine & bourbon, and developing his own beer recipes (often all at the same time). Tim finally won the fantasy football league and is not giving the trophy back, ever. (that message is aimed at Chuck)[/box] [hr]

Chuck Kory

Chuck Kory

Chuck Kory Finance Director, Operations Mngr, Head Bartender

For the past 10 years Chuck has excelled in the Commercial Real Estate industry and is the owner of three commercial real estate enterprises. In addition, Chuck is currently treasurer for a volunteer organization and treasurer of a recent start-up company.

Chuck knows how to prosper in virtually all market conditions. His experience in all aspects of purchasing, selling and directing the operations and financing of commercial real estate properties during the financial boom and downturn in the real estate industry has sharpened his financial skills. Chuck is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater where he was introduced to the financial needs and shortcomings of the hospitality industry (that means he paid for college by tending bar & playing darts). After graduation, he spent time learning the corporate distribution system and financing for beverages throughout the hospitality industry.

After a number of years working with the Miller Brewing Company, Chuck purchased his own venue and successfully revitalized a struggling business and its surrounding area. He eventually sold the business for a profit and then concentrated on the commercial real estate field.

[box style="rounded"]Chuck enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, traveling, playing golf, home brewing and has just started teaching himself to play guitar (America’s Got Talent can’t wait). Chuck is available to tend bar at your next event, as long as you hire Spreadcast for all of your social marketing needs. He even brings his own 55 gallon tip jar.[/box][hr]

Ken Cary

Ken Cary

Ken Cary Technology Director, Analyst, Single Parent (hint)

Ken is detail and task oriented and he brings a wealth of technical expertise and more than 25 years of experience in information technology to our team.

Before joining SpreadCast, Ken was responsible for the core mission critical systems and infrastructure in the production data center at Schawk Inc., who’s clients include 4 of the World’s Top 20 Most Innovative Companies and 5 of the Top 10 Global Retailers (yea, we’re pretty impressed too). Ken earned his computer science degree at Northern Illinois University and is a recognized leader in numerous high-end technology platforms including Microsoft Servers, Microsoft Exchange, EMC Clariion, Brocade & McData Fibre, Vmware, Netpro, and others.

[box style="rounded"]When we finally drag Ken away from his digital playground, he can be found enjoying activities with his son, often building and flying radio controlled aircraft. Ken is addicted to speed (not the pills) and the diminishing tire tread of his sports car and motorcycle can be found on roads from Chicago to the Appalachian mountains. Although he virtually lives inside a computer, Ken is still a great party guest, just don’t ask him to bring chips. Oh, and did we mention that Ken is single?[/box][hr]

[quote]Businesses that fail to take advantage of the new online marketing tools, will soon be left behind; wondering what just happened.[/quote]

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