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SpreadCast reporting service allows you to quickly measure the performance of your website and online marketing campaigns. Rather than build our own point service for each reporting need, SpreadCast has taken advantage of open web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow us to automatically analyze information that normally would require hours of data collection and complex spreadsheet formulas.

What Does That Mean For You?

It means that we can make decisions faster and with fewer errors and it also means that you have access to your campaign information 24/7 through your own dashboard. If you’d rather get email updates, we can inform you about new leads, traffic and keyword trends as well as a consolidated monthly reports.[hr]


All-in-One Reporting

Get your website analytics, your search rankings, sales leads, phone calls, paid search data all consolidated in one report.

SEO Rank Tracker SEO Rank Tracker


Overview of Accounts

SpreadCast allows you to quickly look across multiple campaigns, check your overall account status and drill-down to get details.

SEO Benchmark Monitoring SEO Benchmark Monitoring


Phone Tracking

Add tracking numbers to your website with our JavaScript number replacer then track and record the calls in your dashboard.

Phone Tracking System Phone Tracking System


Sales Tracking Center

Use our web-to-lead form to capture leads on your website and then track those leads in your dashboard for complete control.

Sales Tracking Sales Tracking


Monthly Report

You get a consolidated report of all your online marketing programs and campaigns delivered to your inbox each month.

Monthly Marketing Reports Monthly Marketing Reports


Weekly/Daily Alerts

You get email updates and alerts about your organic search visits, social mentions, web leads and much more.

Weekly / Daily Alerts Weekly / Daily Alerts


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